Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hot Lead......

Avoiding the seeming trend of assigning sexual gravity to a name that is, after all, a bunch of chaps playing toy soldiers I have fixed the title of this little ditty as "Hot Lead". It's not that I don't approve of juvenile inuendo, in fact like most of you, I thrive on it. Just wanted to appear the mature adult that I most definately am not.

Anyway, I've been looking forward to this gig for a long time. After much humming and harring/changing of mind/torment over what army to take (see past two entries) I've decided on Age of El Cid Christian Spanish. They're not the steam-rolling Normans that have often graced the clubs (SESWC) tables, but a much more friendlier army that may or may not win a game or two without damaging the smile that sits fittingly upon my opponents face. Of course, those of you that have seen me play in various campaign days will know that this all may just be an excuse for hitting the bottom of the table come Sunday evening :o))))) Come what may, I'm sure I'll have a great time.

One last thing, I've been following with a keen eye Mr Imrie's Blog and the rrogress he is making with his Thematic Byzantines. Well worth a check out. Also, for those that haven't seen my good friend and fellow painting crazy Brian's Sassanids, then check out the following pages from his website or we'll send the boys around. We will too you know :o)


Pics of El Cid army post event. And that's a promise as I'm re-basing as I speak :o)

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wassup? Or... Hi folks I've been poorly (aahh...)

Alrighty, I'm just about over the worst bout of flu I've had since I was a little kiddie. My theory? I have to say there were moments when I thought that feeding the swans at Arthurs Seat may have been a big mistake :o)

I'm more of less on the mend so I figured it's time to add some words to the blog before someone started writing up an obituary for me.

At the mo' I'm trying to belt my way through (re: speedpaint) two units of Grippers Late Romans that will masquerading as Justinian or Heraclian Byzantines (army list troubles.... if you know what I mean?). I've also got the banners to do for my Cavalry units which, thanks to Fuljason on the WAB forum for pointing me away from the norm, will be some nice early Byzantine mosaic inconography. Should look great assuming I can scale it all down. I'm used to painting on large canvases so this should be fun :o)

Other stuff? Well, I started a WAB campaign at our club SESWC which is running nicely given the fact that I wasn't there for week two and had to employ my mate Jeeves to take the reigns. Jeeves is a dependable chap who gives me a lift to the club yeah? Te- he?? Week three of the campaign starts with me a little behind (I think I'm the only one that hasn't won a game as of yet) but hey, lots of time to kick ass as of yet.

Das ist alles.