Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I've only gone and........

Oops! I've just put a bet on with Darren that I can get my Welsh painted up in time for Hot Lead! One bottle of the finest Vodka at stake! I suppose it's place your bets time again :o) Should keep Saby happy though as she bought them for my Birthday back in January and I know she's anxious for them to meet some paint ;o) She should understand if I vanish into "that little room" for hours on end now :o)))))


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rus Kievan Prince.

Just thought I'd add a few pics of this chap before he goes his merry way to join the rest of his Rus pals. Hope you enjoy the pics :o)

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Arab and 9th C Norwegian pics.

Well, I hope you enjoyed them, even though the pics were taken in a bit of a hurry. Don't forget, you can click on the pics to enlarge.


Erm,,,,, apologies......


Apologies to everyone for the delay in getting the pics of the finished army up. What can I say? I've been extremely buisy trying to catch up with a backlog of painting in order that, one day soon, I actually get around to slapping some paint on those Musketeer arabs and GB Vikings that have been sitting around in their undercoats for months. I'm very proud of both the Arabs and the Vikings that have come off the old painting table thus far so maybe I'll post up some pics as a little teaser.........

Some of the Viking units have some very old unreleased GB models that Darren was kind enough to spin for me so I do feel some pics coming on........



Friday, May 11, 2007

Did he or didn't he??

For all you chaps and chappesses out there that are wondering if I managed to finish the army in time for the WHW WAB Campaign weekend, here's the lowdown..........

So, painted all throough the night on Thursaday evening and into Friday morning! Got everything to the point where I had only the Kontos and Shields to do on the last unit. Packed clothing, soap, brushes, paint etc. Jumped into Andrews car and headed over to the East of bonny Scotland and pressed on south to Notts. Hit the hotel early due to the chaps at Foundry having the audacity to take the Bank holls off. Opened mini case to find that I had leaft the riders sitting in my studio........

Tears welled up in my eyes, well almost, I'm a tough little critter you see ;o) Erm.... not!

Later on that evening as the beer started flowing tears welled up in my Scottish compadres eyes as the full hilarious realisation of what it meant to have a unit of just horses grace the battlefield would look like :o))))))) I have to admit that it was quite funny. Just not that funny :o)

The GB chaps came to my rescue the next day and furnished me with a unit of suitably tough looking bu#$ers. Nice of them to be so quick about it, but not before they had raised a smile at my predicament.....

Anyway, I am pleased to announce that the army is finished and that I intend to expand upon it a little here and there so I can use it to cover a few morte bases, Fall of the West, Heraclian Byzantine that sort of thing. Pics will be making an appearence soon, but I'm snowed under with painting at the moment so it may be a day or two. Oh, and there's Cannonade in Falkirk tomorrow (a most excellent show for anyone who hasn't been).

The pics above are of the excellent GB display at WHW. A sight to behold........

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good news........

The good news is that I put the finishing touches to another unit of Huns recently. The bad news is that I won't be using most of them :o(. After the performance of a unit of Gassanid Bedouin Cavalry I was experimenting with in last nights game, I've decided to drop 7 Huns and add a further 2 to the existing unit. That leaves me with enough points to field the Bedouin Cav. and a small unit of Gassanid Lights.

All seems good. The army would appear to be on it's way to completion and in time too!! Hope I ain't counting my chickens as I have three banners to paint up on top of 34 mini's, though I reckon the banners will be my last minute Friday night project.

For obvious reasons I've decided to leave all the details of how I have gone about putting the army together until after the WH weekend. This will include a rundown of all the painting methods, colour choice and army composition as it evolved.


Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I can't get no sleep.

Now the frenzy has really begun in earnest! I tried to paint up 30 hosses yesterday and only managed to got half way through which leaves me with 15 more, plus 30 chaps to sit upon the beasts to do in two and a half days. I blame taking photo's and blog updates, not to mention my steam powered version of photoshop. Oh, and it's club night tonight and an 'in period' game that I can't afford to miss, as so far my Justinians have been made to look a bit silly on the wargames table. Actually 'tis I who has looked silly, but after my late arrival to WHW last October (hic) on the Saturday I can handle any amount of humiliation now :o))))) Updating Blogs take time. Something I had not considered.......... hmmmmmm.........

Fingers crossed.