Thursday, September 27, 2007

Still Not Fopping Out :o)


I haven't managed to get the pics of Pegenses up on the blog as of yet as they are not painted!! However, all is not as bad as it seems as I've decided to clean up, prime and glue all the spears etc. on the whole army before I slap the old paint on. That way it should speed things up as it gets all the drab jobs out of the way and allows me to wallow in the ecstacy of painting for four weeks. BTW, I never usually glue the shields on to the models until after I have finished the paint jobs, this usually allows for a bit more freedom with the brush but does often need some pinning to hold the darn things in place. Just thought it was worth a mention.

Todays agenda? Two units of 28 Tuelu to clean up and then get the first unit of Pagenses on the site.



BTW, In case you were wondering what the hell that image is; it's the molecular structure of my least favourite glue........ superglue...... I'm an epoxy man myself :o)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Not a total fopp after all.....

Forgot to mention in my last post that I did also actually manage to glue shields and spears to 30 more models and apply undercoat yesterday. Strange post? You bet! But I had to write this to reclaim some of my sanity.

Saturday....... shopping for a nice Dremmel today :o)))))



Arrrgh!! My Head!!

Let me explain. A while back I bought a unit of West wind Arthurian Cavalry. I got them home, took one look at the size of the hosses, laughed out loud and thought nay (sorry!) these do not match up to my idea of the sort of nags my fellas would be a riding. I put the pack to one side and forgot about them.

Yesterday I decided to have a rummage and founf the said pack of WW cavalry and cunningly realising that they came with loose heads (riders not the hosses) I decided to proceed with a few head swaps.......

I need a Dremmel!!!

In other words I spent about six hours buggering around with a crap mini saw and pin vice trying to attatch six heads onto six bodies. OK, there are a few missing and green stuff to add but you get the picture.
Here's a quick pic of six hours work :o( None to fresh.......

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Whilst I'm at it........

Here's a nice little mini I found lying around in Alnwick castle. It's a certain Sir Harry Hotspur and he's a bit of a hero in my neck of the woods (well, used to be a few hundred years ago). Poor bloke got it in the eye at The Battle of Shrewsbury. Those bloody longbowmen again don't you know :o)

OK, back to the Welsh next time........

See, told ya, I'm really back!!


Yep I'm actually back in action!! I would have had more than these few little test pics of the start (Yep start!!) of my Welshies but I had a little acident over the weekend that invloved an invisible step and my spine that rendered me unable to sit up straight and paint for a few days :o( Bloody hurt too!! Still does.......

Here's the pics, expect a lot more, probably quite quickly as i've only got five weeks to paint up an army of 112 mini's....... I suppose that it's place your bets time again :o)))))

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Just Add Water Welshmen

Hi, Sorry for the distinct lack of posts over the past couple of months but I've had a lot of real life stuff to keep me buisy and as a result have not been able to deliver the entertainment you all deserve ;o)

However!! I'm pleased to announce the beginning of the Just Add Water British and Welsh Kingdoms blog! Over the next six weeks you will be able to follow the progress of my British Kingdoms army as it prepares itself for the inevitable drubbing that I expect in the esteemed Morris and Jones Age of Arthur Campaign weekend to be held on the weekend of October 28th.

Hopefully I'll remember to bring my whole army this time around :o))) Just thought I'd get that one in before anyone else. You can expect to see the first units within the next few days.......... but for now, check out these little beauties painted by my mate Jim. Loverly...........