Friday, June 22, 2007

All quiet on the painting front........

Well, not quite. I've been very buisy with stuff for other folks, the most exciting of which was the new Turkopolen I've just completed for the Beasties. These mini's are to complement their new(ish) Teutonics range and they're da business as far as I'm concerned. The range just keeps getting bigger and better.

Unfortunately, in my rush to get the mini's done by the set deadline and to get to the PO I hadn't any time to take any pics (doh!!). However you may well get a gleg at them sometime in the future.


Friday, June 08, 2007

Bet lost: one bottle of vodka owed!!

Having put together this months painting schedule it has become all too painfully obvious that I'm not going to have time to paint up my Welsh, British Kingdoms armyin time for Hot Lead. I'm actually a bit distressed by this, not so much the forking out for a bottle of Poland's finest, more the fact that I had been really looking forward to making a good start on the 2K+ Welsh army and getting some paint on Soapy's delightfull sculpts.

So, what now for Hot Lead? Well, I've decided to hybridise (word? I think not!) my Justinians and go for the African Vandals from BtGG as this will allow me to 'speed paint' up more figures that could be used to expand my Justinians as well as provide me with a brand new spiffing army for Hot Lead :o)

So, watch this space.............


Friday, June 01, 2007

Beastly goings on.......

First up, apologies for the cheese-tastic title. Secndly, here's a few pice of the vignette from GB that is to compliment the Siege and conquest WAB supplement. I really enjoyed painting up this lot especially the Rus Druzhnic. Hope you enjoy :o) All these models really compliment the already growing Teutonics range perfectly.

Avenging Knigget

Not the best of Bodyguards

Angry Druzhnic!

Bashed bishop!