Thursday, January 24, 2008


Yep Havok! A Medieval WAB event to be run at the End of March by Martin Gibbins at GBHQ in Evesham. Looks to be a fantastic event if it was anything like the last one I attended run by Martin, which was in fact Cold Steel.

You may have a funny feeling that you have heard something like this before, but it is just the excuse I need to pull all those Perry Agincourt to Orleans mini's out of their box and apply some slap. And of course, a good enough excuse to buy a 'few' more.

So, I look forward to gracing the pages of this blog with my army as it grows and also including a full report of Havok!



Dave said...

Darrell, you do know it's March 2008 & not 2009?


Bill said...


WABit said...


It works out at about six a day so not too bad. It's all that darn filing and undercoating that's the killer when it comes to time....