Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Good news........

The good news is that I put the finishing touches to another unit of Huns recently. The bad news is that I won't be using most of them :o(. After the performance of a unit of Gassanid Bedouin Cavalry I was experimenting with in last nights game, I've decided to drop 7 Huns and add a further 2 to the existing unit. That leaves me with enough points to field the Bedouin Cav. and a small unit of Gassanid Lights.

All seems good. The army would appear to be on it's way to completion and in time too!! Hope I ain't counting my chickens as I have three banners to paint up on top of 34 mini's, though I reckon the banners will be my last minute Friday night project.

For obvious reasons I've decided to leave all the details of how I have gone about putting the army together until after the WH weekend. This will include a rundown of all the painting methods, colour choice and army composition as it evolved.



Bill T said...

I look forward to it Darrell. Don't forget to take lots of picks at the weekend too.

WABit said...

Yep, I took lots of pics this weekend but mostly of GB's amazing display. i'll probably post some up.