Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I can't get no sleep.

Now the frenzy has really begun in earnest! I tried to paint up 30 hosses yesterday and only managed to got half way through which leaves me with 15 more, plus 30 chaps to sit upon the beasts to do in two and a half days. I blame taking photo's and blog updates, not to mention my steam powered version of photoshop. Oh, and it's club night tonight and an 'in period' game that I can't afford to miss, as so far my Justinians have been made to look a bit silly on the wargames table. Actually 'tis I who has looked silly, but after my late arrival to WHW last October (hic) on the Saturday I can handle any amount of humiliation now :o))))) Updating Blogs take time. Something I had not considered.......... hmmmmmm.........

Fingers crossed.



Bill T said...

Remember I did 60 Daylami infantry in two days for last Oct bash.
Dry yer eyes and get painting you soft sod! ;O)

WABit said...

I did!! It's my bloody memory that fails me!! Still can't quite get beyond the fact that I forgot to take the final unit that needed finishing to Notts :o(

Ah well....... sod it :o)))))