Thursday, April 05, 2007

OK. I recieved the mini's for the army from GB a week or so ago and after battling my way through the tedious task of removing flash, filing etc (I hates it I tell you, I hates it) I have been trying out different methods of painting horses as quick as greece lightening. I have finally settled on the 'Darren Harding Method' which so far seems to have done the job. In the unlikely event you are wondering what this magical formula could be then I will outline it briefly. First take undercoated mini and roughly apply a brown as a ground. I generally went for various dark browns as they are more akin to what hosses look like in the real world (not that this has stopped me before, I usually just make it up as I go along!!). The next step is to drybrush a couple of lighter shades over the ground and then apply a darker wash. This can be repeated until you are satisfied with the results. From this point all there is left to do is clean things up a little by adding socks, markings and harness. I was actually quite (re: very) skeptical about the kind of results that I'd get but I was more than a little surprised at how well they have turned out. Pics to follow shortly. In the meantime I have published a couple of pics of the new Egil model I painted up for The Beast. Interestingly, (if you're into this sort of thing, and I really am!) the choice of a background when creating a photo makes a huge difference to the final image. With this in mind I thought I'd publish both images to give folk an idea of what is possible with a half decent camera and some card. The first image had a blue backround and the second a white one. The easthete men of dark age culture at GB Mansions have kindly agreed to put up the pics along side the work of Steven Patten, Dave Woodward and Mystic Spirals. Very good of them really. I can't wait to see the work of the other chaps (I'm a bit like that you know).

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