Thursday, September 20, 2007

See, told ya, I'm really back!!


Yep I'm actually back in action!! I would have had more than these few little test pics of the start (Yep start!!) of my Welshies but I had a little acident over the weekend that invloved an invisible step and my spine that rendered me unable to sit up straight and paint for a few days :o( Bloody hurt too!! Still does.......

Here's the pics, expect a lot more, probably quite quickly as i've only got five weeks to paint up an army of 112 mini's....... I suppose that it's place your bets time again :o)))))


Soapy said...

Wabit, I have an incentive for you.

I will have a 100% original, totally exclusive, Welsh lord sculpted by the October event. If your army is completed and ready for the event he's yours, free of charge and with my complements. If on the otherhand it's not ready then you will have to watch as I crush it underfoot and destroy it forever.

What do you say?

Stay lucky,

WABit said...

Yep, I take you up on your offer/bet Soaps. Hopefully the knowledge that I already owe Darren a bottle of Vodka for a similar bet will act as fine incentive along with the kind dination of the exclusive Welsh Lord of course. :o))))

In other words.... you're on :o)


Dave said...

noooooooo don't scrush the precioussssss

Wabit, paint man for the love of all things shiney paint!

WABit said...

Do I get a special dispensation for head-swaps on my Teulu unit Soaps? took me nearly all day yesterday to swap 6 heads :O(

@Dave, I will certainly be a paining matey, a painting I will be ;o)