Saturday, September 22, 2007

Arrrgh!! My Head!!

Let me explain. A while back I bought a unit of West wind Arthurian Cavalry. I got them home, took one look at the size of the hosses, laughed out loud and thought nay (sorry!) these do not match up to my idea of the sort of nags my fellas would be a riding. I put the pack to one side and forgot about them.

Yesterday I decided to have a rummage and founf the said pack of WW cavalry and cunningly realising that they came with loose heads (riders not the hosses) I decided to proceed with a few head swaps.......

I need a Dremmel!!!

In other words I spent about six hours buggering around with a crap mini saw and pin vice trying to attatch six heads onto six bodies. OK, there are a few missing and green stuff to add but you get the picture.
Here's a quick pic of six hours work :o( None to fresh.......

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