Monday, October 22, 2007

OK, no-one laugh!!

OK, I've got to admit that on the completion of the British Kingdoms army I am now a defeated man. Sad but true. I just couldn't bring myself round to hurrying them as it wouldn't have done the models justice and I really want to have this army looking prim and proper.

Watch out on a website near you for the net result of the wager I had with Soapy. Boy, I can feel the humiliation building now ;o) Sad but true.........

For those not in the know I'm off to Notts this weekend for some fun and frollics of the WAB variety. Should be a great weekend, they always are. It's like X-mas coming twice a year for me! Sad but true........

Pics of Italo-Normans and the latest British kingdoms stuff to folllow on from when I get back to sunny Edinburgh.




Bill T said...

Unlucky mate. Still at least they will look the dogs bollox when they are done. Remember to post lots of photos. Oh and have a good weekend. :o)

WABit said...

Thanks Bill. All is not lost as Big Jim Sweeney has rescued me with the offer of lending me a Scots-Irish army for the campaign. I'm really looking forward to playing in this one, I've heard a lot about how well run and entertaining James' and Steve's campaign days are. I'll be sure to take lots of pics of my British Kingdoms, units added to the Justinian Byzantines, Italo-Normans and not forgetting the campaign weekend. That's quite a lot really :o)