Wednesday, October 31, 2007

On Sunday I got back from a great weekend at HWHQ and the WHW campaign weekend. It was Age of Arthur all the way for me. special thanks to Jim Sweeney for lending me an army [as mine wasn't finished- yep I know, the shame ;o)] , also to James morris and Steve Jones for running a seemless campaign that was packed with laughs and last but not least all my oponents (Dave, Jack, Ivre, James, and all the skirmishers!) who playey within the true spirit of the game and provided a lot of entertainment.

I'm not going to prattle on so I'm here's a few pics that I have selected for your perusal:

There are many more pics and if you have a mind to you can see them all here on the SADWAB Forum:
Here too:
Hope you enjoyed them......


GuitarheroAndy said...

Glad you had a good time, matey...Nice pics too!!
Now...just when are you gonna get that Brit kingdoms army finished?? :-)

BTW Am almost done with the unit of Musketeer saxons I'm painting as a one-off commission...Expect pics this weekend with any luck.. I dunno if you've painted any of Bill's minis, but they are an absolute joy to paint!!!

Bill T said...

Andy you shameless flatterer! ;o)
Good question though. Hey Darrell have you painted any of my figures???


WABit said...

Hey to you both,

Bill, I have some Arabs painted ;o) i did see Lawrence's army over the weekend as you can see from the pics and he deserved to win 'best army' by quite a distance I think.

Andy, I'm going to be continuing the Welsh very soon but I've got a lot of loose ends to tidy up first including the Arthurian vignette that I started about a year ago. I think you'll like it so watch out for pics. I'm looking forward to viewing said Saxon commision.