Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wot no pics......

Just a quick update......

The pics of the army will be posted post 29th of this month due to the major painting panic happenning right now! I may even pop in a few pics of my Italo-Normans too.




Bill T said...

Jolly good! Get on with them then! :o)

Dave said...

May the painting god be with u brother.

You are in our prayers to the big lead god.

Ps you do know that's only next week?

WABit said...


Yep, 70 bleedin handle barr tash wearing welshies to do in one week :o(

I reckon it's still possible. anything to stop Soaps from crushing one on his sculpts, not to mention the humiliation :o))))


WABit said...

Looks like father time has crushed my efforts to get the army on the ballpark :o(